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1963 Show

LONDON Oct 30th 1963

(Southern Irish Terrier Society Championship Show)

Ernest Stewart Hertz (Judge)

The Southern Irish Terrier Society Championship Show was a delight to judge and beautifully laid on.  There was a good entry and a happy attendance of Irish Terrier lovers in very considerable numbers, including many Continental and overseas visitors.  Best in Show was Champion Lynphen Bloom of Tara.  Best Bitch was Oudenarde Zelia.

Puppy(6)  1.  Harris and Medcalfe's SEA WITCH OF MEDRIS, nice head and outlook, right size, good coat, best of legs and feet.  2.  Hamilton and Temple's OUDENARDE LADY CAROLINE, attractive bitch, the type I like, stands over plenty of ground, good neck and shoulders, out of coat today.  3.  Wallace's DAIRIADA DOREEN, fair head, good outline marred by rather large ears, nice colour.

Junior Dog(8)  1.  Tonge's CHAPELEA NEVER AGAIN, striking individual and great showman, best of legs and feet.  However eye placement gives him a rather foreign expression and may go against him in the very top class.  2.  Woodifield's PATHFINDERS GRASSHOPPER, very lovely type, perhaps a little effeminate & not quite enough of him for a dog.  3.  Howard Jone's BREEZY HE'S PATRICK, really high class young dog, in very bad shape today and paid the penalty.

Novice(12)  1.  Howard Jone's BREEZY HE'S PATRICK.  2. Strang's PATHFINDERS TWISTER, nice head, correct expression and size.  3.  Blundell-Watts' BREANDON OF INNISFALLEN, refused to take any interest in the proceedings.

Graduate(11)  1.  Simpson's MERREY MOONRAKER, high class dog, lovely shoulder, head and expression, great showman, very well presented.  2.  Tonge's CHAPELEA NEVER AGAIN.  3.  Howard Jone's BREEZY HE'S PATRICK.

Post Graduate Dog(10)  1 & 2 repeat.  3. Woodifield's PATHFINDERS GRASSHOPPER.

Open Dog(10)  1.  CC & BOB, CH LYNPHEN BLOOM OF TARA, won very easily, a very great Irishman.  2.  Simpson's MERREY MOONRAKER.  3.  Shaw & Cameron's DRUMSHAW BALLYHILL BARNEY, a great short, perfect head, ears and expression, a bit on the leg and out of coat.

Special Beginners Dog(6)  1.  Strang's PATHFINDERS TWISTER.  2.  Merrington's ETHELSTONE KIM, nice type and the correct size, moved well.  3.  Long's BALLYMAKENNY SIMON, fails in head to those above.

Junior Bitch(10)  1. Hamilton and Temple's OUDENARDE ZELIA, correct type, built on galloping lines, lovely neck and shoulders, pleasing eye, and expression, movement OK.  2.  Woodifield's PATHFINDERS HAWKMOTH, lovely daughter of Pathfinders Dragongly, fails in head to winner.  3.  Merrington's PATHFINDERS BELLA, very similar type, high class young bitch with quite a future.

Novice Bitch(13)  1. Merrington's PATHFINDERS BELLA.  2.  Woodifield's PATHFINDERS FANTASIA, very lovely bitch, could do with a bit more face.  3.  Hamilton and Temple's OUDENARDE CAROLINE.

Graduate Bitch(11)  1.  Evans' SWINPEN MY CHOICE, great body, good coat and colour, lovely eye but skull not as fine as I like it.  2. Harris and Medcalfe's BOLYRED OF MEDRIS, neat little bitch, nice head and eye.  3. Woodifield's PATHFINDERS FANTASIA.

Post Graduate Bitch(11)  1. Hamilton and Temple's OUDENARDE ZELIA.  2. Woodifield's PATHFINDERS, another high class bitch, a little more size and face would improve.  3. SWINPEN MY CHOICE.

Limit Bitch.  Repeat.

Open Bitch(7)  1.  Woodifield's PATHFINDERS HAWKMOTH.  2.  SWINPEN MY CHOICE.  3.  Fairtlough's BALLYMAKENNY PHULIPPA, very taking little bitch, great coat and colour.

Special Beginners Bitch(5)  1.  Merrington's PATHFINDERS BELLA.  2.  DAIRIADA DOREEN.  3.  Thornton's FIRETHORN RUSTY MAIDEN, quite out of coat.

Brace(5)  Woodifield's.  2.  Harris & Medcalfe's.  3.  Blundell-Watts.